Life under water a must see in lifetime

Man had been held in wonder and amaze by sea since ages.Though it seemed a simple from its appearance it held whole bunch of mysteries to be revealed and experiences to be lived. If a calendar or photograph dangling over the wall could seize our attention to dwell over its beauty,imagine what could be the feel if we surrender ourselves diving in the sea only to find peace and solitude.Life under water had been imagined and wondered ever since we were kids through stories and fairy tales of mermaids.To explore under the water is to reconnect with the other world leaving behind the civilization miles away.
Scuba diving is one such activity which would serve the purpose involving a person diving under water with scuba set.There are amazing places in the world which would make people to live their dreams.They include Great barrier reef in Australias for its coral reefs and costa rica for its splendid variety of animal life under water.Bali in Indonesia is charming one with its sea grass beds and volcanic remnants to please the divers but it is the time from april to december when sharks and exotic fishes flourish.

Here are some of amusing and must watch sea animals while people go for underwater diving.Some animals love to be isolated and repel to any intruders while others prefer to explore the sea by travelling.The coral reef is quite contrary to its appearance for being weak when touched.If you want to make an animal to pose for a photograph,seals are ones which out of the curiosity hang around the divers for fun.Among the fishes, parrot fish is the one which would surely make the spectator laugh for it has its funny grin similar to parrot and loves to scare other fishes.The distinct fish is yellowish which reside in the coral reefs in confined area.They protrude their head from burrows and retrace their path amazingly.The sea animals to avoid are the stingray which by eye appeal look like a layer of dough spread over the floor undetected but can harm more then imagination when stepped upon them.The list is followed by Scorpion king which has impressing ability to disguise itself with the surrounding coral reefs.It causes no harm unless privacy is disturbed.
The flora sustaining in the water constitutes the phytoplankton which are single celled and survive over the surface of sea using the sunlight and nutrients which is abundant.The plants could not make it up to live in deep waters as the sunlight could hardly reach.Fetch a handful of water and we will be holding a million of such microscopic plants.Most of plants are indeed the ones with their roots floating around since the avail of light is scarce.
The depiction of such life in movies and documentaries attracted people and made its place in the list of holiday destinations.Adding to recreational activities the life under sea gives a great amount of vital information of past civilizations to scientists and explorers to study so as to document the marine life.It had been important resource for study of oceanography and marine biology.There is boom recently among freelancer photographers for under water photography.But we have went far in taking more than required which the sea had to offer with growth in industries and human actions.The sea food is most opted one in elite hotels and restaurants thus the sea being exploited leaving behind nothing but diminished variety of aquatic animals.Thus a range aquatic habitat had been disturbed.But thanks to ‘marine resource conservation’ implemented by government which aims to preserve the marine habitat.

Things to do in Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island that is known to many world travellers as the jewel of Asia. Each year it draws people from around the world with its alluring beaches, warm tropical climate and rich culture. This amazing island has so many attractions to lure the travel weary visitor it is almost impossible to list them all. What can be done however is list the top 10 things that can be done on Bali. The following attractions and activities to try while on the island are things that every visitor to Bali should try to do while holidaying on this magical island.

1. Villas In Bali

One of the most unique experiences on the island can be had just by renting one of the luxury villas in Bali. These villas often come complete with first rate accommodations and are usually centrally located so travellers can visit all of the exciting attractions the island has to offer. If you are planning on spending an Easter break in Bali, be sure to book your villa early because they can fill up pretty quickly.

The luxury villa above sleeps up to 14 and is located in Sanur, Bali.
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2. Pura Taman Ayun
Pura Taman Ayun is a family temple that was constructed in the early 17th century by the I Gusti Agung Putu, the Raja of Mengwi. The name of the temple mean “beautiful gardens” and that is exactly what visitors will find all around this temple. It is the perfect location to absorb Bali architecture and culture.

3. Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park has been called “heaven on Earth” and it is easy to see why. This park has one of the largest collection of native Indonesian birds, plus a well rounded collection of birds from South America and Africa. In its bird collection, visitors can witness over 1000 birds from over 250 different species, all in a park that is known for its beauty and contains over 2000 different tropical plants

4. Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari & Marine Park is another must-visit attraction in Bali. This park covers 50 acres and includes a wide assortment of animals from around the world. It is also a park that combines colourful Balinese culture with the excitement of an African Safari. Visitors can also take a once in a lifetime ride on an elephant.

5. Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of the most popular attractions on the island. It is a rock formation where visitors can take in glorious sunsets or visit one of the many temples or souvenir stands located there. It also has a full complement of restaurants which serve traditional Indonesian food, Chinese food and seafood.

6. Mount Batur

Mount Batur is an active volcano that is a popular attraction for tourists. Visitors can climb up this beautiful volcano in the morning and enjoy the sun rise over Lombok Strait. Visitors can also rent a car to take them to the top and visit the amazing caldera lake.

The image above shows a photo of Mount Batur, Bali, Indonesia.
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7. Ibu Oka

There are a wide variety of restaurants in Bali, but Ibu Oka is one of the most unique among them. They serve a whole roasted suckling pig dish called Babi Guling and it has been referred to as the best pork dish in the world. It has even received attention from famous chefs and food critics such as Anthony Bourdain. They also serve a variety of other splendid dishes such as roasted duck (bebek tutu) and beef scallops.

8. Town of Negara

The Town of Negara is another must-visit place in Bali. It features traditional Balinese kiosks and open air markets that serve a variety of fresh fish, seafood and coconuts. Visitors can also rent mopeds and explore the surrounding countryside. One of the main things to see while in Negara are the buffalo races. Dozens of buffaloes and brightly adorned carts race along a 4 km race course.

9. Nirwana Bali Golf Club

Nirwana Bali Golf Club is considered to be one of the best golf courses in Asia. This golf course is located in Tabanan and features 18 holes of golf to test any skill level.

10. La Lucciola Beach

La Lucciola Beach is known for its beauty as well as it amenities. Visitors can enjoy cosmopolitan cocktails by the ocean or enjoy the great beach side dining. It is also the perfect romantic getaway when visited at night because the restaurant and bar is all lit up with candles.

Beach Villa in Anjuna

Goa is a beautiful place to spend your holidays and have meaningful times with your loved ones. If you have been to this destination before, then you will agree that it is among the leading destination for holiday makers. What makes this place marvelous? Some of its notable features are beautiful beaches, vigorous trading centers and mild climate. Once you are in this location, you will be confused as to what to do because its good features are many. Visiting a place like this is just the best way to enjoy your vacation to the maximum. You can be rest assured that Goa is safe at all times.

Beach Villa in Cavelossim are built and designed to bring comfort to visitors while touring this region. These rentals are constructed in a contemporary manner and they have complete service package. The rooms are well furnished with clean swimming pools. Upon arrival at the airport, transport can be organized for you from time to time. There is a 24 hour security for all visitors. The moment you book a quality holiday rental Goa Villa, the management will cater for all your needs. This shows that the management is very much interested in the welfare of all visitors.

If this is your first visit and you do not know where to go for sight seeing, meals and other tourist activities, you can ask the management to arrange everything for you. Sure, this would be done in no time. You can even hire a private chef and a maid to prepare your meals at anytime. There is also a tour guide that will help you to choose where you would love to visit. There are lots of tourist attractions in Goa, so this guide will help you to enjoy your tour. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to spend quality time, then you should consider visiting beach villa in Anjuna.

A visitors guide to Newcastle, NSW

Located two hours north of Sydney, Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia, is the country’s oldest sea port and the largest coal exporter in the world. (See for more info.)  The city of Newcastle is home to around 155,000 people; however the population of Greater Newcastle, which includes its surrounding areas, is closer to 540,000. As a city, the population is much smaller than neighbouring Sydney. Newcastle is often sadly overlooked, but those who are considering Australian holidays would do well to make a visit to Newcastle one of their top priorities. On the 2011 list of Lonely Planet’s top ten hottest cities, Newcastle is known for beautiful scenery and climate, a rich history and culture, as well as many activities to enjoy.

The city of Newcastle is surrounded by eight beautiful beaches and is, in fact, famous for some of the best beaches for surfing in Australia. Newcastle Beach, better known as “Newie Beach” hosts a well-known contest for pro-surfers called Surfest, which attracts the most highly skilled surfers from around the world. Bather’s Way, a two hour scenic coastal walk, stretches from Nobby’s Lighthouse to Mereweather Ocean Baths with beautiful beaches and some of the best historic sites along the way.

For additional outdoor activities, the 130 feet Queens Tower should not be missed. After climbing the 180 stairs to get to the top visitors will be rewarded with spectacular views of Newcastle and its surrounding areas. For a magnificent birdwatching experience the Kooragang Nature Reserve is the largest wetlands reserve in New South Wales. Watagans National Park offers walks through rainforests scenic views, and many creeks.

As a penal colony until 1822, when other settlers began to come in, eventually making the city an important industrial center, Newcastle has an interesting history which is reflected in its many historical sites and interesting museums. The Newcastle Region Maritime Museum exhibits the development of the port over the past 200 years with artifacts, paintings and photographs. The Newcastle Regional Museum centres on the Hunter Region history and includes exhibits on mining, aboriginal studies, a sporting hall of fame and the earthquake of 1989. The recently refurbished Fort Scratchley Historical society is a treasure trove of history and has natural features dating back to pre European settlement. Its museum houses artefacts from 1882 to the present day and includes its interesting military history. Newcastle has many historical buildings, with Christ Church Cathedral being the most significant. Built in the early 1800’s, it was severely damaged in the earthquake in 1989 and fully restored to its beautiful present state in 1995. The Newcastle Region Art Museum houses over 3300 works of art dating from colonial times to the present, with many exquisite works by famous artists.

The climate in Newcastle is a subtropical oceanic humid one, not unlike others in New South Wales, with mild winters and warm summers. Rain is the heaviest in late autumn and early winter. Although, weather conditions are overall very pleasing year-round, the most ideal time to visit is the June through August winter period. There are many different options for accommodations in Newcastle and self catering holiday homes are available. Whether looking for a cottage on the beach or a modern high-rise hotel with a view of the coast, there is sure to be something perfect for the needs of everyone.

For those who are planning a trip to New South Wales Australia, Newcastle has so much to offer in the way of breathtaking scenery, exciting beaches and fascinating historical sites. A holiday in Newcastle is sure to be a never-to-be-forgotten experience.

Get Snap-Happy from Queenstown to Milford Sound!

If photographers could fulfill one wish, a never-ending series of beautiful sights that they can immortalise with their cameras would be the wish. One of the best stretches for photographers in stunning New Zealand is between Queenstown and Milford Sounds. However, a photographer’s creativity unleashes only if the photographer has the freedom to stop on a whim and capture an image that inspires. Therefore, the easiest way to get around is by booking car hire online to facilitate your voyage ahead of time, so that when you land you’re already sorted and you can set off at your own pace as you discover and digitise some of the most electrifying attractions.

As you commence your trip in your car hire, try to quell your excitement from Queenstown to Milford Sound, a place that Rudyard Kipling described as the “Eighth” Wonder of the World.

The Sleepy Little Town Of Te Anau
When you start out of Queenstown, while you will see many interesting spots along the way, your whole passage will truly become interesting once you reach the town of Te Anau. This is the closest town to Milford Sound, and after this, you will not find many signs of civilisation.

Apart from the fact that Te Anau gives you a chance to stock up on provisions and petrol, it gives you an opportunity to capture the true nature of a sleepy little town in New Zealand. Homes and buildings will incite the photographer in you to click with abandon. However, show some restraint for there are better sights to capture ahead.

Lake Te Anau and the Rolling Hill Country
The first point of interest after Te Anau will be the lake after which the town is named. Surrounded by mountains and rolling hill country, the lake is exquisite to survey. Between the various shades of greens and blues, you should have no problem pushing your photographic skill to the limits.

Embark on the scenic guided tour vessels to explore a magical 15,000-year-old cave system, the unequalled Glow Worm Caves. In this mystic underground experience, you will see chiselled rocks and thousands of tiny glow worms illuminating the path. Anything captured through your lens will be nothing short of extraordinary.

The Pristine Attraction of Knobs Flat
Knobs Flat is a region that falls in the largest national park in New Zealand: Fiordland National Park. Park your car hire, and immerse yourself in a bevy of flora and fauna that you can spend hours clicking away at, with highlights being Mohua, the New Zealand Falcon, Rock Wren, Blue Duck, Kaka and Morepork.

You can spend part of the day tramping as a perfect manoeuvre to snap pictures of unsuspecting nature and wildlife. Before venturing on another mystical drive, take a walk to the gushing Waterfall Creek.

Lake Gunn and the Sisterhood of Lakes
One thing that you will see consistently between the drive from Queenstown to Milford Sound is a number of water bodies. Lake Gunn is another lake that will astound you. Enclosed by local New Zealand bushes, Lake Gunn has numerous smaller lakes around it. The opportunities to get that shutter into overdrive should be in abundance here.

If you find yourself staring at creatures or floras inquisitively, do recall that New Zealand is home to many unique birds, plants and animals. You will find splashes of colour in wildlife that you never knew existed. You have to snap it to believe it.

The Chasm’s Dramatic Opportunities
The next stop is the Chasm, which is the region closest to Milford Sound. Ideally, you should stop here and partake in the Chasm Walk because it will give you views and vistas that would trump everything you have already seen. Hop on one of the Milford Sound cruises to get up close shots of amazing waterfalls.

The Chasm boasts some huge and unbelievably beautiful waterfalls and the Cleddau River. The water here is one thing, but its effect is even more dramatic. You will see unique shapes in basins and rocks sculpted by years of water flow. The magic you will experience will render you thunderstruck.

You will experience highland panoramas, volcanic sites, ancient jungles, lush vineyards and splendid seashores while spotting wildlife found on no other terrain. Adorn your photographic lenses with these beauties. From snapping luminous caves to capturing powerful aqua spills, your pictures will live to tell your story. The marvel of it all is precisely why photographers visit from all over the world and hire a car to take an extended excursion to this beautiful span of amazement.

New Safari Cruise product for Nitmiluk Gorge

Nitmiluk Tours and Cicada Lodge announced the launch of a new small group safari cruise product on Nitmiluk Gorge. The Nitmiluk Cultural Safari series combines the exclusivity of small group touring with the authentic cultural interpretations of the Jawoyn people. The Nitmiluk Cultural Safaris series offers three options for a maximum of 8 guests in a covered flat-bottomed safari boat visiting exclusive and spectacularly scenic sites along the gorge system with commentary at each location from a local guide’s perspective. These safaris are not only educational but also interactive and can include basket weaving, Didj playing, spear throwing and storytelling.

Australia’s hidden streets

Walking through Australia’s hidden streets is the best way to discover the character, charm and culture of our capital cities. From colourful graffiti to chic city bars, all of Australia’s cities and towns have their own secret laneways and vibrant artistic spaces that might be hard to find, but are well worth exploring. This week on, go on a journey and uncover some of Australia’s unique city experiences.

The Vision Splendid

The stars of the silver screen will descend on Winton in Outback Queensland this week as it prepares for its opening night of The Vision Splendid on 26 June and Queensland premier of the film “Last Cab to Darwin”. Its leading man Michael Caton will be joined by Festival Patron, Roy Billing, Mark Coles Smith and Underbelly and Househusbands star, Gyton Grantley. Opening night will include the official opening party at the Famous North Gregory Hotel and Breakfast with the Stars the following morning. Other activities at this year’s festival include Prop Making Workshops, Masterclass Luncheon with Roy Billing on The Business of Acting, and Story Time with Rick Carlsson Chauvel.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts to debut in South Australia

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. announced plans to debut in South Australia with the signing of Aloft Adelaide in the state capital. Slated to open in early 2018, the new-build hotel will form the centrepiece of New Mayfield and will feature 200 loft-like guestrooms. The hotel will also feature an indoor glass bottom rooftop pool, 24-hour fitness centre with a rooftop running track, and 500 square metres of flexible meeting space.

Ring in the New Year on Cockatoo Island

Located in Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island is one of city’s best kept secrets when it comes to watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks. Accommodation options include heritage holiday houses, harbour view apartments, glamping and camping packages and BYO camping. There will be something for everyone including activities for children, specialty food outlets, bar facilities, ice bags for sale and music to entertain. For the NYE period, all houses and apartments on the island are available for a minimum of five nights. Expressions of Interest will be taken until 5pm Monday 27 July while tickets for all Glamping, Camping Packages and BYO Camping will go on sale via Moshtix at 9am on Monday 3 August.