Future Blast is a blog dedicated to exploring the intriguing prospects that technology and science are offering today, along with possibilities that have been explored in the past. The author includes developments of all areas that ignite his futuristic curiosity, and also throws in some interesting “How To” posts that will please readers of all ages.


Future blast project started in 2008 year, but the idea was in my head a long time a go.  From the early 80’s when I first saw “Back to the future” a movie with Michael J Fox (you can see the trailer bellow).

As beeing a young boy I couldn’t do much with all of my ideas reagrding time travel and futuristic look of our planet. Then in 2008 I finally got a chance to create this site. If February 2008 I registered domain and start messing around with design.
Software I used: Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
In April 2008 my site was online having first visitors.
If you are seeing this site in 2020 then this means that I am still alive and futuristic.

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