The Impact of Social Skills on Lifestyles

Social skills are those skills which allow an individual to interact with others. Included in social skills is how an individual communicates both verbally and non-verbally. Verbal communication refers to the words that an individual speaks. Nonverbal communication refers to an individual’s body language. In addition, an individual who exhibits good social skills can be viewed as an individual who takes into consideration the feelings of others.

How might having social skills impact an individual’s lifestyle? There are many ways in which the skills that an individual has socially will impact their lives. Both verbal and non-verbal communication will effect an individual’s lifestyle.

The exact words that an individual speaks will most definitely have an impact on their life. The words that we speak determine how others view us. If others view us positively, then our lifestyle will improve because we will have friends that make up our support system. However, if we speak in a manner that makes others view us negatively, then we may not have friends or a support system, which may cause us to live an isolated life.

The way we communicate non-verbally also impacts how others view us. For instance, when we are listening to others and we have our arms crossed then we are going to come across as uninterested in them. When we come across as uninterested in others, we receive that back. Therefore, if two individuals are uninterested in one another, then they are not likely to spend time with each other. This results in a lifestyle of isolation.

The ways we behave socially determines the people that are in our lives. As stated above, if we are positive, then individuals view us as caring. However, if we are negative, then individuals view us as uninterested. Finally, the people around us can help determine our lifestyle.

Living the lifestyle of going out and dating is a lot of fun and a great way to make friends and acquaintances.