Personalized Music CD’s

Music is in the hearts of all of us. From the moment we first hear a simple tapping rhythm as a baby to the moment we take our first dance at our wedding, music is an essential aspect of our lives. Our children love music just as much as we do. They will bounce around to the beat and sing at the top of their lungs. Music seems to flow through them.

My son is enamored with music. He loves the radio, music CD’s, and especially television that involves dancing and singing. He’ll jump up, clap his hands, and bounce to the music as though he is an integral part of the song. He immerses himself into the music, and I have recently found a way to immerse him even deeper with the songs of personalized music CD’s.

Personalized music CD’s insert your child right into the song giving them a connection with the music that is much greater than just listening to the radio or other CD’s. Imagine the joy in your child’s voice as he or she sings along with a song that is talking about them. Each CD is customized and recorded just for your child. My son loves hearing his name in the music. He constantly asks me, “Are they talking about me, Daddy?” He knows they are, but the excitement is so great that he always has to double check.

There are many songs that my son cherishes, but the songs on his personalized music CD’s are above and beyond the rest. The only thing that I would recommend to those who buy that perfect gift of personalized music CD’s for their child is to also buy their child their own CD player. Otherwise, be prepared to listen to the disc over and over again.