Bottled water – a closer insight

Luxury spending has been cut off in many industries and homes due to the current economic recession. Households have been forced to purchase the most necessary items in a bid to beat the recession. Food, shelter and clothing are basic requirements that every person should have. Food is a necessity but eating in hotels and restaurants is not. Similarly, water is also a basic necessity but bottled water is not. However, bottled water firms are marketing the product as a requirement for everyone.

Personalized water bottles have been used in various industries as an effective marketing tool. Bottling water is not a very costly venture hence companies have opted to use this approach to send their message out to the target market. However, the use of promotional water bottle is facing some challenges that could have a negative impact on the future growth of the business.

For instance, bottled water has been known to have a negative impact on the environment due to its physical impact. With the world facing various challenges such as global warming and natural disasters, environmental issues have taken the forefront in decision making in diverse economies, industries and households. Just to add on, there are alternatives to the plastic kind of bottle such as the glass bottles that are more environmental friendly. Since the procedure of bottling is not as involving as that of making soda and other carbonated drinks; it has less negative impact on the environment.

Marketing water bottles should involve recycling as a way to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Bottled water also faces hurdles when it comes to the organizational markets. Some restaurants do not serve their customers with bottled water because they aim at reducing the amount of waste that goes to the filler. However, there are those organizations that embraced the use of custom water bottle labels on the bottled water. This includes the name of the organization, logo and some promotional message.

Even if people have to survive in a struggling economy, many still require bottled water. Water has gained an edge in the market today with many preferring it to flavored drinks. This is because everyone is encouraged to take two liters of water daily so as to keep healthy. Those working out in the gym or at home usually enjoy bottled water in the process. Bottled water has gained an edge in this area which has seen many marketers capitalize their efforts on that. Other additions included in the bottled water such as adding fluoride supplements which have seen many bottled water companies strengthen their position in this competitive industry.

Recycling water bottles, flavored water and vitamin enhancements are some of the positive contributions that bottle water companies have made today. By addressing issues of the environment and health, bottled water companies are on the right track.