70’s Bingo, Hawaiian, and Superhero Themes

Birthday parties are often associated with these common themes: singing “happy birthday”, blowing the candles out on the cake, and playing “pin the tail on the donkey”. If you’re tired of doing the same things every year, then it is about time you start being more creative. There are many ways on how you can make your birthday parties more fun. Here are some unique party themes:

70’s Bingo Theme

If you were born during the 70s, then it will be cool to have that era as your theme. The game of bingo was a huge hit among the Gen X so you can make that as the spotlight of your birthday. The old school gamers still prefer playing at the Top Bingo Hall whereas the more modern players choose to spend their time at the chat games of foxybingo. Since bingo can now be played online, you can just provide tablets for your guests instead of renting bingo cards, mechanical ball blower, and other equipment. To complete the 70’s bingo theme, you have to indicate the dress code on your invitation. Or you can just tell your friends to come in their best 70s outfit such as bell bottoms, jersey wrap dresses, and three-piece suits. Also turn your living room into a mini disco complete with mirror balls just like in the movie Saturday Night Fever.

Hawaiian Luau

No need to travel to Hawaii to experience a luau because you can do that right in your own home. Ask your guests to wear grass skirts or Hawaiian shirts to get into the theme. If you know someone who can play the ukulele, then request that person to play at your party. Other music options include the Hawaii Five-O soundtrack or some surf music.


Everybody likes dressing up and this party gives your guests a chance to portray their favorite superhero character like Batman or Superman. You can post huge print outs of the sky or bat cave on your wall so your guests can have their picture taken with that as a backdrop. You can also cut out old comic books and stick them all over the place or display your superhero action figures.