Quality environmental engineering services

PercFor many years now, EnviroForensics has been providing high quality environmental engineering services to hundreds clients from all across the globe. Their personnel are highly qualified and trained to handle various environmental liabilities hence rest assured that you will get value for your money.

We have gone a step further to use comprehensive general liability insurance policies from reliable insurance companies as a resource when carrying out remediation, legal defense and groundwater investigations. All our scientists and veteran engineers not only have academic qualifications but also vast hands-on experience on how to deal with groundwater and soil contamination caused by various chlorinated solvents such as Perc.

We pride ourselves for been able to successfully handle environmental problems which at times involved financial, regulatory, political and technical issues. Also, we have the skills and ability to come up with sustainable business oriented strategies for municipalities, businesses and real estate investors. Contact us today for exceptional environmental forensic services on your budget.